What we do

Studio 64 is a professional photography studio specialized for product, portrait, high-speed photography and post-production services. We produce high-quality photos, ready for printing and web.

We offer one-stop marketing solutions for you – providing you with photography services, 4k video shooting, and web design. Always in the mood for new challenges, on any location at any time, we meet your wishes and exceed your expectations.

How we work

We achieve the desired results together.

You see  the images straight away.

Every photo we take during the shoot you see immediately on the iPad, so you are included in the process.

We take each step together.

We help you to present yourself or your product in the best light. We are here to help you with our creative ideas and suggestions.

You choose the final images.

After the photo shoot, we send you a shortlist of images and a list of recommended photos for your final images.

You get images ready to use.

After your reply, we process the images you selected and deliver them ready to use for web (72dpi) and/or print (300dpi).

Why is photography important?

    95% of communication is still non-verbal

    65% of customers believe that the quality of the product image is more important than the product described properties

    80% of people are more likely read the text if it is paired with an image

    40 times it is more likely that people will share a post including an image

    60,000 times faster brain processes image than any text. Images are the fastest way to illustrate an idea.

Services we provide


  • Portrait photography
  • Product photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Event photography


  • Color correction
  • Retouching
  • Isolating
  • Photomontage


  • 4k video footage
  • HD video footage


  • Graphic design (logo, business cards, etc.)
  • Web design

Product Photography

Product photography is a vital asset in every industry. High-quality photos are a very important part of marketing and selling any product – they allow us to show rather than explain the properties of the product.

Marketing experiments and Eye-tracking Studies have shown that online visitors are 80% more likely to read content if it is paired with an image and 64% more likely to remember what they read.

Studio 64 is specialized for studio product photography and post-production. We offer professional services to accommodate your needs, whether you need clean simple web-shop photos and/or more complexed advertising images for print. It is our mission is to bring each texture to life and show the view clearly the properties of the product, we love the challenge of capturing some of the more difficult materials to capture such as glass, metal and other reflecting materials. To create more dynamic and powerful images that will stand out from competitor products, we also offer high-speed product photography services which let us capture your product in motion as fast as 1/10 000 part of a second.

Depending on your needs, we can also organize models and locations for product shoots.

Portrait Photography

People respond better to authentic images – it’s been tested again and again. In any profession or industry, photographs give us a chance to show customers some character and connect with them in a personalized way.

Marketing experiments and Eye-tracking studies have shown that online customer will 35-45% more likely to choose a brand with authentic and genuine images, rather than generic ones.

Studio 64 is specialized for studio portrait photography – we shoot on any requested location. We dedicate time and take a personalized approach to each portrait. During a portrait shoot, each image we take is displayed on an iPad allowing you to view the images so we can together achieve the best results. Our mission is to empower you with high-quality portraits.

Depending on your needs, we can also organize make-up artist and hairdresser services.

Meet The Team

People behind the scenes.


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